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It was while he was still stretched upon air max 97 a sick-bed that he underwent the first interrogations at the hands of Philippe Lheulier and the examiners of the Holy Office, which had annoyed him greatly.Irreligious, yet credulous like every soldier who is nothing but a soldier, when he examined the particulars of that adventure, he was not altogether without his suspicions as to the goat, as to the curious circumstances of his first meeting with Esmeralda, as to the means, no less strange, by which she had betrayed the secret of her love, as to her being a gipsy, finally as to the spectre-monk.
The beau monde of that age hardly knew the air max 90 name of the poor wretch passing at the corner of the street; at most, it was the populace that regaled itself on these gross viands.Moreover, Queue-en-Brie was not a diverting place— a village of farriers and herd-girls with rough hands, a straggling row of squalid huts and cabins bordering the high-road for half a league— in short, a world’s end.On the heart of Fleur-de-Lys the scene of the gipsy with her goat and its accursed alphabet, combined with her lover’s long absences, still weighed heavily.
Ph?bus, who in the matter of beauty had been reduced to the country wenches of Queue-en-Brie, was ravished by Fleur-de-Lys, which lent our officer so pressing and gallant an air that his peace was made forthwith.Here Ph?bus, whose imagination was not particularly creative, began to be rather at a loss how to beat a convenient retreat out of his encounter. So entirely did the captain believe the affair of Esmeralda to be terminated, that he took little air max heed of these words of Fleur-de-Lys.


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