Skolvan - Choari Pevar (2010)

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Skolvan - Choari Pevar (2010)

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Skolvan - Choari Pevar (2010)
Mp3 192 ~ 256 Kbps VBR | 76MB | Host : RS + HF
Genre: Celtic

Artist..........: Skolvan
Album...........: Choari Pevar
Genre...........: Celtic
Label...........: Kerne Production
Catnr...........: RSCD297
Source..........: CDDA
Quality.........: VBR/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo

CHoari Pevar that can be translated in Game for 4 or else Quartet is Skolvan first album recorded without any more artists than the group. The four piece band is exploring all the combinations and tones coming from their instruments. The created musical colours are many, either swing-musette in Nilizien, or Balkan in La Brousse, or else jazz as in Lammig An Noz. But lets not forget the original colour, the one that makes us recognise the group straight away and that makes Skolvan the dancing machine that has been so famous all over the years. Born in April 1984, on Youenn Le Bihan (piston oboe) and Gilles Le Bigots (guitar) initiative, Skolvan has experienced four important periods in its history that we could name Skolvan four lives. From 1984 to 1987 with Patrice Qurr (violin) and Yann-Fanch Perroches (diatonic accordion) with the album Musique danser, from 1987 to 1997 with Fanch Landreau (violin) with the albums Kerh Ban Dans and Swing & Tears, from 1997 to 2008 with Loig Troel (diatonic accordion) and Dominique Molard (drums) with the albums Chenchetn eus an amzer and Live in Italia and finally since 2009 with Rgis Huiban (chromatic accordion) and Bernard Le Drau (saxophone) already in the band since 1997. Choari Pevar marks a turning point in Skolvan story..

Track List
01. Daou Ha Daou 5:10
02. Nilizien 3:33
03. Salud Dit Lanig 2:39
04. Le Loup Pendu 4:14
05. La Grive Et La Carpe 1:30
06. La Brousse 2:54
07. Hanter Noz 5:13
08. La Cte Den Haut 5:48
09. Lamming An Noz 4:54
10. Le Compte Est Bon ! 5:46
11. Pont Morvan 3:13
12. Ebrel 84 1:28
13. Lannuzon 3:20

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